Globesteer aces in making some of the best everyday appurtenances that are resilient and durable to wear, tear and break. The expertise team at Globesteer makes sure every element is manufactured as per international norms and goes through a series of durability tests in order to meet global standards.


You don't have to hesitate to learn swimming anymore. Snorkello full face swimming mask is an endowment from the tangents of technology that focuses on giving a safe swimming experience to the beginners.

✔ Full face swimming mask is apt for underwater diving allowing you to breathe through nose or mouth.
✔ The full dry breathing tube is sealed preventing water inflow or seepage.
✔ This full face mask is prodigiously designed to give you a 180° panoramic view when you are swimming in the deep waters.
✔ Snorkello is made of high quality plastic and is available in black color and this comes in all sizes.
✔ It is suitable for all genders of all ages.

So, Hurry! Snorkel Up!

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Small and Medium sizes
Large and Extra Large sizes

You will find the package consists of
✔ Snorkello Face Mask
✔ Earplugs
✔ Go-pro mount


Protect and keep your ear, head and hair intact with Snorkello Swimming Caps. It is made of a highly durable material that can withstand wear and tear. It is not translucent but opaque and amazingly elastic due to the dominating material being silicone. Silicone is an excellent water repellant and wear resistant material. So swimmers, buy this one so your ear and head is protected even in the most intense race.

✔ Suitable for all genders.
✔ 100% silicone. This will account to the durability, longevity and easy fit properties.
✔ Solid pattern colour doesn't fade quickly.
✔ Water Resistant Coating To Reduce Water seepage.

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Snorkello Swimming Caps

In the package, you will find a Snorkello Swimming Cap.


Everyday knives made diamond sharp with the most intelligently designed knife sharpener - Sharpeno. From the next time, you needn't have to wait in long queues to get your knife sharpened or you needn't have to throw the knife that's gone blunt. Recreate the same intensity as it was when purchased and showoff your cullinary skills.

✔ This two stage sharpener is portable, durable and flexible. You can sharpen all your knives with one tool.
✔ The comfortable grip keeps your hands safe and the anti-slip base keeps the sharpener in place for accuracy and safety.
✔ Great for every knife in your home- be it kitchen, hunting, fishing, steel or ceramic.
✔ This knife sharpener has a compact and ideal design that helps you to use it from the right angle.
✔ Sharpeno has a Tungsten and a Ceramic rod that can be operated manually for easy domestic usage.

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Sharpeno Knife Sharpener

In the package, you will find Sharpeno knife sharpener kit